Oslo block





The given site is Fossveien in Oslo. By analysing and maping the area, we found several creative schools within the fields of art, architecture and design, bringing almost 2000 students to the area each day. Even though the distances between the schools are small, no or little collaboration seem to be active. There you have the C.D.


The Congrediorium is:

A Collective who host neutral meeting ground for


Creative Business


The People of the area of Grünerløkka


It´s a space for students to meet and collaborate, where they get the opportunity of having the public interacting, reflecting and reacting on their subjects / work.

The financing of C.D is through different things like hoffice / student housing / workshops / events / projects.





We have created few senarios where the Congrediorium and the public meets. Because these events appens at the different levels in the architecture, the architecture becomes a merge between private and public space. This will give a sence of ownership to grunerløkka.



The concept of a casual meeting place: a public livingroom, is a space open for all to come and socialize. It´s an idea about that you can get the atmosphere of a living room where you can bring food and drinks of your preferance and socialize with friends or strangers, without the demand of bying something, like you do in a restaurant.


The area has a stage that can be used for performances by anyone, for comedy, music or open lectures.



During Restaurant Day, the Congrediorium set up tables where anyone who do not have the possibility of opening their own home to the public can come and sell their food. The event take place in the public area on the ground floor, and in the mixed zone in first floor.


Since Restaurant Day only occurs twice a year, there will be a monthly peoples market, where the same concept of people coming and selling their things is applied. The markets can have different themes, as for example flea market / arts / crafts etc.



The Congrediorium will arrange for inspirational and interesting lecture holders to come and initiate workshops on different topics. The lectures are varied in different fields to broaden the perspective of knowledge, allowing people experimentation in the expanded field.


The result of the workshops are exhibited / performed in the public space to connect and inform the public, and give them insight into something new.