Open Sesame






Open Sesame, a light created by the purpose of not having a defined purpose at all. It is completely open and can be used for anything. A timeless frame, toy and modular in addition to having intrinsic qualities, making designed classically stylish.

The lamp consists of two closed frames where two of twelve surfaces illuminated through a transparent material. These are closely linked by rail on the short sides of the object, and can be rotated 360 ° in one axis. The light source in the product's wireless LED supplied power via rechargeable batteries.


The most important instrument in the design, is how the moving frames - in itself, creates varying angles of light and expression, and allows for countless variants use areas.


The light works well as night light for children's room - where it can have the effect of a slightly open door, as well as a visually bright object, sandwiched between, placed on top or hung over whatever suits you. It can act as separator between tables in a restaurant or between desks in a reading room. It can be used as a serving object interacting with food and also used as exposing tools, where it illuminates from top, bottom and / or side, depending on individual user needs.