Food court






The desire is to create an understanding between the eastern and the western culture. Through understanding occurs respect and acceptance. The purpose is to change the mindset of people in the everyday life, and their meeting with people that carry another culture.



The location is a development of a conceptual proposal created by infill's and MAD's architects in Vaterland Grønland in Oslo.



Creating a meeting place such as a food court where the food is the activity and a invitation for a chat.

Because through communication and exchange of views and opinions one get to know each other even if the cultures are different.

Therefore I chose to call this project "AHHA! Now I understand."

The food will became the common denominator between the various cultures, that will make the communication process easier.


The detailing is a barbecue zone divided into three parts (meat, seafood and vegetarian), where the food is cooked after it is bought as raw ingredients in the shops.


I design therefore an Eastern inspired food court, that meets the Western architectural recognizability.