How do we meet people in the city? Feeling excluded among the mas of people living in a urban environment. It has created grouping or subcultures where you will feed on your social identity.

Standing outside and looking at these kind of groupings, seem hard to enter or feeling uninvited.



The park is on both sides of the river Akerselva in Grunerløkka, Oslo. It was landscaped in 1928. The park is known like a scene for cultural events. Today its used for basketball, football, tennis, grill, sunbathe, walking dogs, dance battles, enjoying music and so on.


“I used to walk around the streets and observe what I could about how people interact in the urban environment, really. It struck me how that environment was not always welcoming of people”

- Rotten Apple


My specific interest in this research is how to make people feel welcomed in The Cuba park. So the one passing by, would pop into the park for a game with some randoms, and don’t feel that it belong to some sort of culture that is not accessible if not correctly dressed or cheering the right cultural values.

My role in this experiment will be the observation through participation. Being at the park, dressed as my self, playing basketball and invites those who send me a visual signal og actually asked me to join the game. As a person and not a designer, my presence in the park would make me get a hint of the social code at the park, and get to know who my audience is. This experiment was done in late february, but it still visible through the visitors.


Since I personaly used my personality, intereset in the actors and making a cashual conversation, the research at this point will be an subjective view. The problem occurred by me being a bypasser, but by entering the park with a ball, I felt like a host, by slitly tuching each parts of the hospitality subject in this setting, I can start thinking about the design part.


My observation got me thinking that the design of the park, the materials and the setting gives a feeling that the park belongs to some sort of poeple and cumunity. But ones you are on the other side of the fence you enter a different world and the game, the passion for any ballsports, and the enjoiment of talking to different people will rise as a feeling.



When you have a activity that is the ice-bracker and the commen thing between individuals, its then easy to live what ever behind and play for the fun.